Obadiah is a three-piece band with a sound that’s grounded in songwriter independent rock, yet fringes country-folk sounds. This Alternative Country-Rock barebones, three-piece sound lends itself to simple and uncluttered, rhythm section arrangements. This makes the songs themselves really shine.

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These three guys from Northeast Georgia play a repertoire of classic Songwriter, Rock, Americana, Alt. Country, and Country-Rock songs picked from great music over the ages. Obadiah is Alternative. They are Country. And they quite simply rock!

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Obadiah is j. Christian Miller on Lead Guitar and Vocals. Bill Purvis on Bass Guitar and Vocals. And Eric Miller on Drums and Vocals.

j. Christian Miller, guitar and vocals
Along with great cover songs, Obadiah blends in a mix of original alternative country rock songs. Singer/Songwriter and guitarist for the band, j. Christian Miller has a long history in the Underground, Independent College scene of the 1980s and 90s. Obadiah’s sound is unapologetically confounded with Chris’s stylistic bent.


William Purvis, bass and vocals
Carrying the bottom end is fun-loving and kind hearted Bill Purvis on bass. Bill has been looking for outlets to be able to play the bass since taking it up in 2007, and Obadiah is just the place for that. Bill got active in music since taking clarinet in the fourth grade, playing in high school and college bands. He has also sung in numerous choirs and ensembles, usually in a church setting.

While serving as music director, his church started a worship band. Bill was volunteered to learn and play electric bass. Over the next five years, he studied bass and got great fast! He still plays for the church band, but enjoys the variety of music that Obadiah presents.

Eric Miller, drums and vocals

Drummer, Eric Miller is a singer-songwriter and has been actively involved in music for most of his life. He sang in church choirs growing up and began playing guitar at 11 years old. He has played drums periodically since 1985. During a lengthy military career, he performed as a solo act whenever he had opportunity and recorded some original country music. Since retiring from the Air Force in 2010, Eric attended Young Harris College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with emphasis in Classical Guitar. He and his wife, Aurore, live in Clayton, Georgia where he also plays lead guitar at Clayton Baptist Church.

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And Another Video:

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