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“sideshowfreak was a concept rock opera comic book I wrote in the late 1980s, and published parts of in the early to late 1990s. The idea was dark concept underground rock. Dark Disney meets Frank Miller. What can I say. I was a creative kid back then, but didn’t want to be a star… I wanted to be more like Walt Disney!” All according to j. Christian Miller, founder of Double Planet, Ltd. Co. and the website.

“I couldn’t decide whether I was an artist or a musician. These stories gave me an outlet for my art ideas.

“Anyway, I have continued to play with the concept over the years, and now at age 50, have decided to revisit these stories. The first step would be to share some of the older stuff.

So, find here art, music, news for sideshowfreak, the concept comic book rock opera. In the coming days I will put some of the old stuff up. I will re-release some old, lo-fi, garage days music. Plus, we are working on updated material. Expect great news soon! Watch here for more news if you like freaky art, groovy underground music, and concept rock!


Here is a review from a paper in Charlotte NC of a single we released back in the 1990s.


Another Review…