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Obadiah EP to be released soon!

Now that Alternative Country-Rock power trio Obadiah has a permanent drummer, they have been in the studio recording a demo of cover songs to use to book more shows around the region. Obadiah spent a weekend in the studio recording live without tracking any overdubs to capture where the band is at this moment in time with their sound.


Guitarist/Vocalist j. Christian Miller said, “It is a raw, garage band sound that I love so much!… I just can’t resist capturing it in all its glory and getting it out there.”

Miller published underground music in the Lo-Fi genre to subterranean acclaim in the 1990s, and achieved Southeastern regional college radio airplay with his self-published works.

Obadiah plays more Alternative Country Rock, Electric Americana, and Electrified Folk music than their members former days! It is a mix of song-writer oriented alt. country, classic country rock, and Americana all blended into a great Alt Country-Rock sound! Song craft shines in these simple three-piece arrangements. Strong Song craft that is worthy of a dinner party, yet rocking enough for a bar! This is Obadiah!

These songs are being mixed and mastered now, and will be released as a 5 song EP available for purchase, or for download from iTunes. The band wants to go ahead and get something out quickly. This will be used to go ahead and do some regional promotion, book some shows, and develop a following.

Expect this out in the next week or two. Stay tuned here for more information.

Obadiah’s Setlist

Here is a sample of our Setlist. It is always changing and evolving. These are songs that were quick to learn because I already knew them. It will be more toward the Alt. country spectrum as time goes on. Let us know if you have questions…. contact me, Chris, at chris@doubleplanet.com

Obadiah Setlist 11/6/2017


1. All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan
2. Spanish Pipe dream – John Prine
3. Peaceful Easy Feeling – Eagles
4. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
5. Stop Hey What’s That Sound – Buffalo Springfield
6. She Just Wants to Dance – Keb Mo
7. In Tall Buildings – John Hartford
8. The Weight -the Band
9. Dr. My Eyes – Jackson Brown
10. Hole In My Heart – Blackhawk
11. Angel of Harlem – U2
12. Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones


13. Woodstock – Joni Mitchell/CSN&Y
14. DB Cooper – Todd Snyder
15. Mr. Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan
16. Atlantic City – The Band (Bruce Springstein)
17. Almost Anything – Eric Miller Original
18. Fire on the Mountain – Marshall Tucker
19. Only Sixteen – Sam Cooke
20. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
21. Taking Care of Business – BTO
22. Drunken Angel – Lucinda Williams
23. Lay Down Sally – Eric Clapton
24. Angel From Montgomery – John Prine



25. Keep Your Hands To Yourself – GA Satellites
26. Some Kind of Wonderful – Grand Funk
27. Harms Swift Way – Townes VanZandt
28. Hey Hey What Can I Do? -Led Zeppelin
29. Why’d You Have to Forget Your Memory? – Eric Miller original
30. Blue Rain Coat – Leonard Cohen
31. Follow You Into the Dark -Deathcab for Cutie
32. Catching On -SonVolt
33. Telephone Line – ELO
34. Friend of the Devil – Grateful Dead
35. Get Together – Jesse Colin Young
36. Sunshine of Your Love – Cream


SET IV (Extra Set)

37. Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Seger
38. Running to Stand Still – U2
39. Harvest – Neil Young
40. This Moment – Victoria Williams (Matthew Sweet)
41. Take Me Bakc – Julie Miller




Get Chris’ song Jenny Haniver on iTunes

“I got the song from old sideshow lore… people would create these false mermaids from fish parts and monkey parts and charge admission to see these oddities…. The british cockneys couldn’t pronounce the French town name where these came from (Genevieve, or something like this) so they called them “Jenny Hanivers…

“So in the song, Jenny Haniver is some person or time that doesn’t exist….. a name for what could’ve been, might’ve been….

“The song is full of images of loss….

… all according to songwriter Chris Miller

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Obadiah – Alt. Country-Rock

For Immediate Release:

Double Planet, Ltd. Co. – Publishing & Consultation
1332 Cat Gap Road
Persimmon Community
Clayton, Georgia 30525

Obadiah is a three-piece band with a sound that’s grounded in songwriter independent rock, yet fringes country-folk sounds. This Alternative Country-Rock barebones, three-piece sound lends itself to simple and uncluttered, rhythm section arrangements. This makes the songs themselves really shine.

These three guys from Northeast Georgia play a repertoire of classic Songwriter, Rock, Americana, Alt. Country, and Country-Rock songs picked from great music over the ages. Obadiah is Alternative. They are Country. And they quite simply rock!

Along with great cover songs, Obadiah blends in a mix of original alternative country rock songs. Singer/Songwriter and guitarist for the band, j. Christian Miller has a long history in the Underground, Independent College scene of the 1980s and 90s. Obadiah’s sound is unapologetically confounded with Chris’s stylistic bent.

Obadiah is j. Christian Miller on guitar and vocals, Bill Purvis on bass and vocals, and Joe Munoz on percussion and vocals.

The three guys have locked themselves in the basement, rehearsing for the last six weeks learning a setlist of great cover songs. The band is now beginning to setup booking and building an itinerary of shows around the band’s home-region of Southern Appalachia. Obadiah is stationed at the point about equidistant between Athens & Atlanta, Georgia, Asheville, North Carolina, Knoxville & Chattanooga Tennessee, Greenville & Spartanburg, South Carolina. Southern Appalachia should be a state, and is definitely a state-of-mind which Obadiah certainly shares.

Expect great new things from Obadiah in the coming months. There is a lot of work to do to get there, but the band has plans… … to first, play a bunch of gigs. Check out an early performance in North Georgia (October 5, 2012 at The Promenade of the Arts, Mountain City, Georgia) .

The bands plans are to do a sort of mini-tour around our hometown over the coming months. The setlist is chosen from songs that the band would love to emulate the sound of. Over the coming months the will begin incorporating some of Singer/Guitarist j. Christian Miller’s huge and diverse catalog of original songs into the Setlist.

This is where the band is now…

Next, the boys will compose a new album’s worth of songs, record, and release these.

“We are writing all the time…” shares singer/guitarist Chris Miller.

“I have maybe fifty songs in my own catalog that have never been recorded, much less releases….” Chris further shares.

Stay tuned here for exciting news!

Interested in booking Obadiah? …Quirky, songwriter-oriented songs that blend folk, country, rock, but with a more primitive, three-piece ensemble… Soft enough for a dinner party, rocking enough for a keg party! Book Obadiah.

Contact neolithicrazor@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 1 (706) 982-5522