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Obadiah EP to be released soon!

Now that Alternative Country-Rock power trio Obadiah has a permanent drummer, they have been in the studio recording a demo of cover songs to use to book more shows around the region. Obadiah spent a weekend in the studio recording live without tracking any overdubs to capture where the band is at this moment in time with their sound.


Guitarist/Vocalist j. Christian Miller said, “It is a raw, garage band sound that I love so much!… I just can’t resist capturing it in all its glory and getting it out there.”

Miller published underground music in the Lo-Fi genre to subterranean acclaim in the 1990s, and achieved Southeastern regional college radio airplay with his self-published works.

Obadiah plays more Alternative Country Rock, Electric Americana, and Electrified Folk music than their members former days! It is a mix of song-writer oriented alt. country, classic country rock, and Americana all blended into a great Alt Country-Rock sound! Song craft shines in these simple three-piece arrangements. Strong Song craft that is worthy of a dinner party, yet rocking enough for a bar! This is Obadiah!

These songs are being mixed and mastered now, and will be released as a 5 song EP available for purchase, or for download from iTunes. The band wants to go ahead and get something out quickly. This will be used to go ahead and do some regional promotion, book some shows, and develop a following.

Expect this out in the next week or two. Stay tuned here for more information.